JKDA Council

All dance schools rely on the support of parents, carers and guardians of its pupils, and the JKDA Council represents all of these categories.

The role of the Council, which consists of volunteers is to i) enhance dance-related opportunities for the pupils, particularly through fund-raising activities, ii) provide two-way communication between JKDA staff and parents, carers and guardians, and iii) promote the visibility of the dance school and provide practical support when needed.

The Council consists of a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Head of Fundraising and Ordinary Members. We meet once per month during the school semester on Saturday afternoons, and we hold regular a Open Forum to hear the views of all parents, carers and guardians.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or are interested in helping with the Council’s activities, please do get in touch – jkdacouncil@gmail.com – thank you!

Council role holders – Paula Forgues-Puccio (Chair), Gillian Brown (Secretary), Heather Holmes (Treasurer) and Fiona Yap (Head of Fundraising).