JKDA Open Forum, 1.30pm, Sat 22 June, 2019

The JKDA Council will be holding its Open Forum at 1.30pm on Saturday 22nd June (lower hall in the Victory Memorial Hall). The Forum will allow us to answer questions from parents and carers, and the meeting will also double as our Special General Meeting, which we need in order to officially dissolve the Council.

The meeting will last no more than one hour, and you are welcome to bring children along with you and leave at any time. We look forward to seeing lots of you there!

Changes to show rehearsal dates and times

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, we need to move our dress rehearsal from the 23rd June to the 25th and 26th June (i.e., the rehearsal on 23rd June is cancelled).

Act One will be on the 25th June at the Victory Memorial Hall from 4-7pm.  

Act Two will be on the 26th June at the Victory Memorial Hall from 4-7pm.  

Act One means all Drama, all Nursery pupils, all Juniors (Saturday, Monday and St Leonard’s Yrs 1-2), all St Leonard’s Highland dancers and Performance Squad, all Mids (Saturday and St Leonard’s Yr 4-6), all Inters/Seniors (including Thursday), all Singers, all National Highland dancers (not Friday Juniors or Wednesday 5:30-6:00). Act Two means all Drama, all Highland dancers (except St Leonard’s), all Mids (Saturday and St Leonard’s Yrs 3-6), all Inters/Seniors, all Juniors (Saturday, Monday and St Leonard’s 1-3), all Hip-Hop.

If you are unsure which rehearsal(s) you child(ren) should be attending, please contact the JKDA staff. Please remember that your child doesn’t have to attend every rehearsal, though the more they attend, the more confident they will feel. Our aim is to make the show a very enjoyable experience.